Varsha Mathurdas Panchal


Date : 4th February 1958
Birth place : Visnagar
Qualification : S.S.C (OLD)

I am Varsha Panchal a housewife, a mother and a painter. My life used to revolve around my three children and my husband and the household chores. I didn’t used to do anything apart from what was expected of me. The one thing that gave me happiness was when I drew science structures in my kid’s books of experimental science and drawing books. Drawing gave me an altogether different kind of happiness and a sense of fulfilment.

Time continued to pass on, and with time the kids grew up and their life kind of drifted apart from mine. Their different priorities, families and jobs brought a little distance between us. The most important of all, now I had ample time for myself with which I had no idea what to do! So I started drawing again. After a while, I started watching online videos and photographs of paintings which were beautiful and inspirational to me to make my work a little better every time.

As I started spending more time on my paintings I started to become my own critic, and with little changes I used to try to make my paintings near to perfection. I started visiting exhibitions and art exhibits to watch paintings and works of famous and inspirational artists. These paintings used to speak to me in a language which only the true passions can talk in. My interest in paintings and drawings increased every day, every minute and every second.

Another instance of inspiration was my own daughter Kajal who started taking painting lessons soon after she became a great artist herself, and I used to learn from her a lot. I like learning, I believe learning has no age limit and therefore you need to seek for knowledge and keep learning your whole life!

Painting and drawing gives me a joy that I can’t explain in words. Painting hours are the best hours I spend, the involvement in the work is such that I never realise how long did I took to finish a work of art! That’s the beauty of art I guess it gives you pleasure and joy and a sense of fulfilment!

I just wish that the way I am working now, is how I want to work the whole life. I hope I never have to stop painting.